AMUSE is distributed under the Apache License (v2.0).

When you use AMUSE for your article, please cite the following articles:

  • Portegies Zwart, S. & McMillan, S.L.W., 2018, “Astrophysical Recipes: the art of AMUSE”, AAS IOP Astronomy publishing (411 pages)
  • Portegies Zwart, S. et al., 2013, Multi-physics Simulations Using a Hierarchical Interchangeable Software Interface, Computer Physics Communications 183, 456-468 [2013CoPhC.183..456P]
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  • Portegies Zwart, S. et al., 2009, A multiphysics and multiscale software environment for modeling astrophysical systems, New Astronomy, Volume 14, Issue 4, 369-378 [2009NewA…14..369P]

Additionally, please cite all the codes you used (AMUSE will show you which papers to cite for these), and the version of AMUSE you were using:

  • DOI

Finally, AMUSE is built on a Python framework that could not exist without libraries such as Numpy. Please see for citation links.